Jaco Geldenhuys (1981) Malmesbury , Western Cape (South Africa)

My name is Jaco Geldenhuys and I have started the account with the Instagram handle @BikeShotBru to combine all of my hobbies in one place.  I am the proud husband of a beautiful wife (Hildegarde) and two kiddes (Hilge and JJ).  We as a family try to be active as much as possible, whether it is on the bikes or foot…

My cycling journey started way bike in 2006 with my wife just after we got married with mountainbiking.  She found out she were pregnant during 2007 and I became pregnant with her! I added 12 kg in the next couple of years and totally stopped all exercise.  In October of 2011, two months before I turned 30 I made the decision to get my life in order and to start training and become more healthy again.  Hard word, eating better and total commitment helped me to get to where I am today and now it definitely is a lifestyle.  Since that day I made the decision to become more active I have done numerous events in South Africa with the two highlights being the two ABSA CAPE EPICs that I finished.  One of witch were with my wife!  In March of 2017 I started having trouble with my left knee and that forced me of the bike for 3 months.  During that period I had to find myself a new hobby and then I stumbled into photography and making short videos.  When I got on the bike again I continued shooting and riding and I became my thing when we do grouprides.  In March of 2018 I started @BikeShotBru to have a place to post all of the stuff I shoot while riding.  Trying to have nice and positive content while also trying to inspire people to get out and be creative.

This is a hobby for me that have really helped me out of so many difficult times.  I am honoured to be part of the cycling community and love the sport for what it has given me and my family over all the years and truly believe that the best medicine is to get out and be active!

Bike = 🚲

Shot = 📸

Bru = 🤙🏻


Jaco instagram page

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