Ewa Kołodziej (1982)Warsaw (Poland)

I am the Polish Ministra* of Cycling, I gave myself that title and won’t let anybody to take it from me J
I do the cycling for living, I am the manager of bicycle shop, I carry out the cycling trainings, both road and MTB. I’ve created in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, women’s road movement.
Gentlemen, it’s because of me you see more women on bicycles 😉
My job is my passion. Luckily I was able combine making money with doing what I love. I dedicate a lot of time to it and my cycling season does not end in autumn, as it usually happens in Poland – because of the weather. I work all year round – in winter I lead the training on training simulators or stationery bicycles, preparing the cyclists and myself for the upcoming racing season.
From time to time I have a chance to participate in a race, but usually being a Ministra is a great comminment, I have a lot of pressing matters on my plate, people demand it, people want the trainings 😉
I love road cycling, I love mountain cycling, I love cycling trips. This year luckily I was able to have a long cycling vacation, along with my friend Agnieszka we have ridden a part of Spain (take a look at the pics: @szprychy_w_hiszpanii .
My biggest ambition is having as many people as possible to cycle. To achieve this goal I’ve created in Warsaw a beginners’ training course of road cycling, i.e. for those who would like to try riding this kind of bicycle but don’t have one and are not sure if they can manage.
I help to break those fears and barriers 😉
I care about the women mostly, I carry out a lot of training mainly for them. Men’s cycling can defend itself, but women need some help 😉
*Ministra in Polish is a minister who is a woman 😉


Ewa’s instagram page

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