Grzegorz (1983) Cracow (Poland)

Hi, my name is Grzegorz. I am 35 and live in Krakow.

I have been riding a bike really forever. Since I was a little kid, the bicycle was my beloved companion. I had my first attempts on a small, red one together with my dad, who was an amateur road cyclist in his spare time. Very soon, I became an unassisted rider myself and parents just couldn’t keep the bike away from me and force me to stay at home.

When at school, it was my main mean of transport – I was never going out without it. Not only for taking simple city tours – it was a time when mountain or forest rides started and when I introduced covering longer distances.

Unfortunately, during the university studies, my priorities changed completely and the bike had to wait for better times..

But true love does not go away..

I bought my first serious MTB straight after the graduation. Again, I was back in the game – it became an inherent element of my everyday life.

Overtime, I decided to go beyond my comfort zone and started a new chapter of my adventure – with a speedy roadster. It lasts until today and is actually getting more intense day by day. I have regular individual trainings, attend group cycling and eagerly take part in races. It fuels me with great energy!


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