Jenn Eriksson (1975) Jakobstad (Finland)

The runner who became a mountain biker.

I was training for my first half marathon when my back got bad and the doctor nearly forbid me to take another running step. I was devastated and confused. If I wasn’t a runner… Then who was I? I was undergoing a smaller life crises and didn’t know what to do with myself and my feelings. Running had been my stress relief and now it was taken away from me.

I was following a woman on instagram who did this «mountain bike thing», as an alternative training to running, and it seemed pretty fun, I got more and more interested. At the same time a new mountain bike class started in my hometown…I signed up immediately!

Bought myself a mountain bike, a Trek x-caliber 8. (Not the cheapest one but not the most expensive one either. A good mountain bike for a beginner, they told me.) And I fell in love! 🙂 With this bike I could move in nature and I felt the same freedom as when I had been running. And the mtb class I took was great. It helped me to get out of my comfort zone, to dare try things I would never have imagined myself doing… I felt fearless.

I bike 3-5 times a week, sometimes in the forest, sometimes on country roads…I need it to clear my head.

I don’t feel the need to attend in competitions, at least not for now. Just to get out there in my favorite pine forest with its amazing trails and breathe the fresh air is enough to motivate me.

Freedom and happiness – that’s what mountain biking is all about to me.


Jenn’s instagram page

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