Andric Bowen ( 1974 ) New York City, NY (United States)

As long as I can remember I was a heavy set kid.  I was bigger than my cousins and other kids around me.  I was picked on, and sometimes made fun of because I was big.  As recent as 2012, I was pushing ~200 lbs & 38″ waist size. I was unable to run at all and walking fast was a pain (literally). My nutrition was bad and working out… non-existent.

With support from loved ones, I took that meanness and used it as an inspiration / motivation and started a journey.  I did my research and found a privately owned club “FocusFitness” in NYC.  We had several meetings as to what my goals were and what I wanted to do.  Well, my goal was a very modest one. I wanted to jog around Central Park (6.2 miles) without shin splints and without being out of breath.

The club put me on a 5 day workout program (including 1 yoga class).  After a month and a half it clicked.  I started dropping the weight, eating the right food and started slow jogs in my neighborhood.

Transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took a long time. There were a lot of ups and downs filled with tears and doubts. It was a long learning process.  But in the end, it was, and is, worth every sacrifice. I am running races, various distances; from tons of short distances to several half and 7 full marathons.   So now what…

…I had to add something else… What can that be?  Let’s Tri.

Before I could do that, I had to learn how to swim.  As a child I had a near-drowning experience in the ocean.  That experiment has never left me – it still creeps in the back of my mind.

I also had to learn how to ride a bike again, with clipping in and out.  It is so hard to learn how to swim as an adult.  And, it is equally difficult to learn how to ride a bike again, with clips.

Swimming was a challenge in itself. I did conquer it and am still at it everyday.

Riding bikes:  I have scars to prove it. I fell so many times, I can’t even count.   In NYC there are hardly any empty roads – so, I would ride my bike in the park and fall in front of people.  I was embarrassed but, I was not about to give in.  I kept at it.  I am not a pro, but I ride.  I ride almost every day.

Running will always be my base, but I fell in love with cycling.

I  LOVE cycling!  The freedom it gives me. The areas I can explore. The places I can go.  It Keeps me in line and in shape. And Not to mention, the cycling culture and its people, have welcomed me with open arms.

I love cycling around NYC. I love to ride very early on the weekends. The only time this city is all yours is early in the morning.  You feel like you own NYC.

I ride in the city to discover new places, areas and spectacular views. It’s an amazing, crazy city. But at 4 am in the morning, on a weekend it’s sublime and serene.


Sometimes I ride outside the city with a group but, mostly it’s solo. I love the feel of going out on my bike. It’s provided me with the solitude I seek in this big crazy city I love and call home.


Now, when I travel abroad I like to either take my bike or rent one. I have had an amazing journey and this journey has just started.


Also, let’s not forget, I’m MAMIL #mamil

If someone had approached me 10 years ago and said that I would be doing Tri’s,  I would have looked at them and said, “Have you met me?”.  Tri’s, heck, running was not even on my trajectory.  But, here I am.  I’M POSSIBLE! And, I am enjoying every hour, minute and second of this amazing life.

Thank you all for your encouragement, support and following me.


Andric’s instagram page

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