Paul Le (1994) Dresden (Germany)

Hi it’s Paul, better known as road2bike.

I am 23 years old and currently living in Dresden, Germany.

I got into riding roadbikes since I moved to Dresden about 3 years ago.

Since the very first moment I sat on a bike , I fell in love with cycling!

I started out with a really cheap roadbike…the only reason it was called „roadbike“ was because of the handlebar and the 23mm tires. But at that time, it wasn’t really important for me, how good my bicycle was.

I just loved being on the bike, because it gave me another type of freedom and that made it priceless for me.

This feeling has evolved ever since and it reinforces with every ride. Cycling gives me the opportunity to see places, I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It gets my head free from all unnessesary worries. And even when I didn’t feel like taking a ride, afterwards I always feel energetic and balanced.

I think, to be a cyclist, is more than shaved legs, aero wheels and cool socks. It’s more than just a lifestyle…It’s everything I ever wanted to be.

See you on the road,

stay safe


Paul’s instagram account

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