Erica Simpson , Stockholm ( Sweden)

Hi, my name is Erica Simpson, I am in the middle of my life and live in Stockholm’s surroundings.

I have been biking since l was 3 years old. I always loved to bike.

In my early days l got a racer from my father. But after a couple of years l got pain in my neck after a car crash and had to stop with road cycling.

I’ve always love to walk in the forest. Sometimes I met cyclists and wondered:

-aren´t they crazy? Adults bouncing around on bikes in the woods? But one day, I had the opportunity to test an old mountain bike. And l went for a ride.

I was speechless. Euphoric. I was in love.

I had a new passion! Saturday, April 18, 2015. After that day, I became obsessed with biking.

I had cycling on my mind. I watched bikes. I read about cycling. I was talking about cycling all the time. And I cycled.

I cycled every day. Struck myself ruined, blisters, bruises, bumps and wounds all over my body. I even got picked up by an ambulance a few times…

But that didn’t stop me.

I have a passion and have to follow my heart. Simple as that.

The forest is like my second home. I often ride with my family and friends but l really enjoying riding all by myself. I bike the year round.

For me, biking is to experience nature with its magnificence. To be in all that fresh greens with wildflowers, the smooth hills in contrast to the rough stones, twisted roots, big and small, the endless variations of trails, all the wonderful fragrances of grass, pine trees, moss and trees and the rugged mountains with their views.

Riding makes me more alive and it really makes me happy if l can inspire others on our planet 🌍»


Erica’s instagram page

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