Jack Tominey (1987) London (UK)

My name is Jack Tominey (aka Jacky2Wheels), I’m 31 years old and I’m currently living near London in the UK.

I’ve been in love with cycling since I started riding six years ago in 2012. I was swept up by the cycling craze in the UK driven by Bradley Wiggins and I’ve never looked back. It’s been fantastic to see our country embrace cycling over the last ten years or so and it’s great to be part of the community.

Before Brad and the Yellow Jersey, there was a charity ride from London to Paris right before the Tour de France in 2012. I entered this event without a road bike and I hadn’t ridden since I was a child. But I got my hands on a decent Cervelo and got training with one of my mates. At the time, it felt like a massive achievement for me to complete this challenge. I was out of shape, always out in London drinking with my friends and generally not living too healthily. But this ride changed things.

So where has this all taken me to today? Well…I can’t really imagine life without cycling. I’ve never been fitter and I’m the happiest I’ve been. I love riding with my friends and entering challenges to meet new people. Earlier this year, I took part in a fantastic event in Mallorca called the Six-Points. I went there with a friend and came back having met some great people who I’ve been riding with since. I don’t know many other hobbies or sports that open you up to meeting so many like minded people.

As well as travel and meeting new people, cycling also gives me the chance to have fun with fashion and design. I’ve done ambassador work with some really interesting brands and I’ve dipped my toes into the world of design by helping to produce the odd jersey and pair of sunglasses. This adds a lot of balance to my life where things can often get dominated by work or making sure I train enough during the week… sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun to keep your mind fresh.

Finally, the most important part of cycling to me is the freedom it brings. A bike can take you pretty much anywhere and the pure escapism of riding on two wheels is something I’ve not found anywhere else. I finish work in a couple of hours and I’ll be out riding in the countryside soon after…that thought puts a big smile on my face.

I wouldn’t be the same without cycling and I feel lucky to have found the sport and all the great people I’ve met on the road.



Jack’s instagram page

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