Julia Tamburin (1976) Rosenheim ( Germany)

My motivation to start cycling is quite emotional. My father went for a ride – now 20 years ago – and didn’t return due to a heart attack during the ride. Until today I feel the connection with him, any time I ride.
Cycling has become the center of my life, it created my lifestyle, it has become part of „me“. I always trained with men – and they didn’t handle me like a girl. In the first years I got stronger every year… The time in a cycling club, where I was one of the founders, were the most intense years with 13 k per year. My life was working and cycling. I was one of – or almost the strongest female rider in my region. I still have this kind of reputation, although I am far away from this level at the moment

 When I am sitting on the bike, it’s no „girlie mode“. In my strong phase, Ralph Denk, today team manager of BORA – hansgrohe, told me to go on races. But I had no interest in competition. 
2013 I ran my last marathon. The 1,5 years before, I focussed on runnnig – too much cycling the years before, I wasn’t motivated any more, knew every „stone“. I did a quite good marathon, but trained too hard, that my body suffered on overload. Result: no sports for 6 months. 
After that: cycling comeback, but never at the same level. The past 3 years I studied parallely to my job. Less time for sports. This year I try to recreate my physical basis…hard work. But I LOVE cycling, I LOVE the lifestyle, it’s just a part of me – no matter, if I only ride 60 or 80 km. I will come back stronger!!!  


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  1. Great story. Always rest after one hour’s cycling and if you have any heart pains resting or exercising, see your doctor. My father died from heart disease also.

    Me gusta

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