Michael Aagaard Mortensen (1987) Holstebro (Denmark)

My bike life started for real in late 2016, when I chanced job from B&O to Ceramicspeed. I had both a MTB and a road bike. But never really cycled that much. After a month working at Ceramicspeed, I bought a new MTB (TREK Procaliber 9,7) Since that, I haven’t looked back.
After a few month at Ceramicspeed, I was asked whether or not I should join Ceramicspeed cycling team. I was welcomed as a guest for a couple of training nights.Damn I had a hard time just keeping up with the guys. Now I have no trouble keeping up with the boys

Before I started riding bikes, I played a ton of Golf. That had been my passion for about 15 years. The golf clubs has been replaced with bicycles. Now I’m riding more then I ever thought I would do.
I do have people to ride with, but I’m often out on my own. When out on the roads, I clear my mind and do not think about too much.I like riding by myself, because then I know I’ll get my intervals done. Nobody rides the same intervals(watt) anyway. It’ s a big inspiration for me to follow other people on instagram, and share all the good and bad. Just be inspired.
I’m happy to share my time on/off the bikes with all of you

AllBlackCC – We Ride Under The Same Sky


Michael instagram page

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