Damir Ganic Gana (1977) Stockholm (Sweden)

Coincidence or not – same day I was looking for info how to become a member of the coolest cycling community on Instagram, Allblack Cycling Club, Pakoreq sent me an invitation! Imagine the surprise look on my face….
Road cycling… Passion. Dedication. Addiction. Focus. Mindfulness. Freedom. These are the words describing how I feel about cycling. It has become my identity, my lifestyle.
Growing up in a hilly area of northern Bosnia, MTB and downhill cycling was an everyday fun. Pushing the bikes uphill for hours and then riding full-speed down the slops – foolishly crazy, but fun. Feels like ages ago now.
Practicing sports and riding motorcycles is just few of all the fun things I´ve done in my 42 years short life. However, road cycling literally changed my life in 2012. Recovering from burn-out and multiple hernia in my lower back, I discovered road cycling as a way to completely detach myself from the outer world, strengthen my body and my mind. When riding there is nothing but the road ahead, the surroundings, the air and the pace of the pedal strokes. Mindfulness.
It was my father that opened a door to this amazing world of road cycling. And here I´m today – fortunately stuck forever. Tank you Dad.
My personal motto: Don´t limit yourself – always challenge yourself!

Anyway, it´s a pleasure to become a member of allblack.cc and meet some cool people. Thanks for the opportunity to share the beauty of cycling through my lens.


Damir Instagram page

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