Johan Van Echelpoel (1976) Antwerp (Belgium)

My name is Jo, i am a proud dad and husband…

Born in 1976 and living in the Flemish part of Belgium, in a small village close to the border with the Netherlands.. 

All true my life i was playing sports as i often when to the gym and practiced Karate and later changed on Muay Thai. 

Several years ago i had a sport-accident and after a operation i was no longer able to practice my favorite sports..

At first i was devastated but then the doctor asked me why i did not changed in to bike riding.. 

Spoken and thought about it i started biking in 2015. Now 4 years later i ride my bike 5 to 6 times a week on road and gravel tracks.

I just love to head out and feel the tarmac under my wheels, often i ride in the part of Belgium where there are more hills like The Ardennes or the more smoother part of Limburg.

Not only riding my bike brings me joy off happiness but also the camaraderie that comes with it. 

Living in Belgium i feel really Lucky as there are so many historical places to visit. 

My motto is ride all roads in all weather.


Johan Instagram page

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