Cristina Arroyo Arquero (1980) Madrid (Spain)

My name is Cristina. However, most of people call me Cris and Cristineta is the name which Alfonso called me, (also a member of this Club). That make me really fun for being original!

I don’t lie you: my cyclist biography is quite scarce;  but I like it more every day and I hope that this life would be long and extensive. 

During my childhood, I practised lots of sports (football, baseball, cycling…) due to I grew up in a neighborhood of a small town where most of kids were boys.

Later, as a teenager, my parents moved to a little house in the city and young people in my area (also majority boys) arranged every morning to go up to the town by bike, give a walk or buy bread.

Afterwards, my life changed and I began to dedicate my free time to music that became  my way of life, leaving sport aside.

I returned to sports through boxing, fitness and functional training about 5 years ago after having my second «viking» (I use this expression to call my daughters), but I have no time to think in cycling. 

I remember that when I was a child I did not understand how my father could like watching TV during hours and hours give pedals.

Nowadays, I considera myself a rookie, since I have been riding bike irregularly for less than half a year because the care of my vikings makes it almost impossible to combine. 

I started in this world because a very special person crossed my life and although I was not a cycling professional, their habits, routines and dreams were directly associated with this world.

After I took him to several races, competitions… I realized that I like it this world and that I did not want to be a passive observer if I wanted to be more directly involved and maybe I could share more time and experiences.

I started with MTB on April with a borrowed bike and I had the opportunity to buy the skinny one on July. Although I had never experienced riding a road bike, I’ve taken the pledge and I’ve started to ride a bike. 

The most pleasant experience I have had so far it has been knowing and being able to suffer and laugh with Alfonso and Nando (@respectforcyclist).

 I must admit that it is a world that has hooked and I am trying to find alternatives that reconcile my mother’s life (without help) with the practice of this sport to be able to create more experiences and become a participant of several careers or events.

I hope you have not been disappointed by my cycling biography, which I hope in the future will be broader and more fruitful.


Cristina instagram page

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