Marcin Maciejewski (1976) Poznań ( Poland)


My name is Marcin, I am 43 years old and I live near Poznan … such a small city in Poland.

On Instagram he uses the pseudonym mar_ma_fit … it’s the beginning of my initials and «fit» I added at the moment of breakthrough in my life. A few years ago, my weight showed 140kg and the doctor said during research that I had to dump 60kg because otherwise soon my life will change into a nightmare. So I did it thanks to the hard work, the exercises and the self-discipline which I was always missing. Currently, the weight is optimal and there is no shortage of cycling power. In fact, the bike made me realize what mistakes I made … not just the nutritional ones. Life has never coddled me and I am learning everything anew … despite the age, a lot of things are new to me, I leave the box.

For me, a bike is freedom, a lifestyle. I can not imagine a day without a bicycle, especially when a person who shares with me and my passions goes with me. The bike does not go on! The bike saves! Also, if you see a bike is my biggest passion … but looking at my profile you will also notice how much importance I attach to photography and nature that I adore … communing with nature at hand and my cat … it’s for the secrets 😉 my comfort zone.


Marcin Instagram page

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