Fernando Cabrera Miranda ( 1982) Santander ( Spain)

My name is Fernando (@respectforcycling – origin in the deep respect I feel for this sport), but only my
mother (and @Yorker75) call me that. Everyone calls me Nandinus. Nickname that has
consolidated over time. My age is unknown, because age is a state of mind. wich implies
that I`m pretty young. My favorite animal is the wolf and my favorite color is black.
I was born, grew up and now live in a small and beautiful region in the North of Spain
called Cantabria, between the sea and the mountains.
My first memories on a bicycle are with my brothers, going from one place to another,
enjoying the summer, going to fish and thinking about how far we could go the next day.
I live and love for travelling, discovering new places, getting to know new cultures and
people, ways of thinking, feeling and living.
When I was 29 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. Overcoming it, always with a
smile, has taught me what resilience is, the real problems and how strong I can become;
that’s how it is.
Today, I feel really proud and lucky because of all the positive things it tought me, but
that, as time went by and seeing it from a distance. I have need some years of recovery.
That’s when I started pedalling.
Cycling found me. That`s why I ́m here right now.
My refuge is my bike, that’s where I feel free, where I can disconnect, escape, find myself,
get better, improve and above all enjoy the places and people that this wonderful sport
offers us all. And where I spend much of my time, like all of us.
As an amateur cyclist I must say that I’m better at climbing than going down; falls,
accidents and a broken collarbone caused going down set limits, something I don`t like.
But it wasn’t until a little over a year ago, when I lost my job after eleven years, that I
started to dedicate even more time to training, riding more, being a little more methodical
with food, being more aware of times, looking for a moment every day to be able to pedal,
well, you know, addicts.
Last year I was pedalling all along the coast of Northern Spain. This year, my goal is to
cross Portugal from South to North, or from North to South and maybe a little of South
Spain. I hope to complete the trip in June and maybe meet some of you.
I must say that when Paco contacted me to propose to join Allblack, I felt (and I am)
deeply proud to be part of such a caring, unique and special project of this family that I
hope to learn from, share and enjoy, and who knows if we will ever be able to ride together
and have a good coffee.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this.
I believe in the power of union. I believe in All Black Family.
Many countries but we ride under the same sky.

«I’m going to spend my money on gifts, I want to give my ego a vacation and release the kaos. I will not save a single euro for
the cemetery, if my conscience asks for accounts, I have a parallel project.»


Fernando Instagram page

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