Markus Fischer (1978), Northern Switzerland

Cycling has been just normal for me since being a child. Go to friends, to school, everywhere. I lost this a bit when i was able to drive a car in my early twenties, until i met my wife. She had a Mountain Bike and infected me with the virus. We started to do tours and i loved it. Soon i bought a better bike and a GPS device to explore hiking paths i found on maps. Fortunately Switzerland is one of the best mapped places so you find every trail that’s out there.

Then we started a family and again cycling was not the first dot on the list for a few years. We have 3 boys now. So when they were young there was a lot to do from change diapers to building a house to teach your kids how to ride a bike.

But time moves on and the kids get more self-reliant. And again buying a new bike was the turning point. A real full suspended carbon enduro machine got me back on track. There was no terrain this bike could’t handle and i found back to this explore mode i knew from the past. 

I often cycle alone and i love to include my addiction to photography. So i am kind of looking out for the perfect bike-selfie and love to share those moments on Instagram. The terrain is so versatile where i live, one would hardly guess that most of my pics are from quite a close range around my home. Of course i love to ride also in alpine terrain, but to be able start just in front of your house really is a huge privilege.

I also go to work by bike all year. I need the fresh air and i don’t have to be on crowded roads. There is not a single red light on my way. So i cycle like 4-5 thousand kilometers a year.

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Markus instagram page

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