Carlos Parejo (1981) Barcelona (Spain)

I’m Carlos, I’m 38 years old and I currently live in castellar del valle.

I want to tell you about my introduction to cycling.

Since I was little I have been passionate about sports.

When I was 8 years old I started as a player in the UE Castellar team, I dedicated myself to it until I was 25 years old, after I left the first Catalan league because although I liked football a lot I stopped enjoying it and what I had made it happen to me so well , happened to become an obligation rather than a passion, so I went to indoor soccer and football 7 in more social leagues for a season, until finally I left.

It was there when my father, cycling lover before me, told me «buy a bike and we go» and that’s how I started to go by bike.

At the beginning I went out for fun, we were the friends or with the group of the people, it was a hobby … Little by little I began to sign up for races in the town, then to more known courses like the Volcat, Mtb challenge, endurance tests. ..

They were so much the desire and the enthusiasm that cycling gave me that together with some friends we created the group «pik2 castellar».

As time passed, I wanted to go by bike, I felt good competing and fighting for goals that were becoming more ambitious.

What was a hobby at the beginning had become my greatest passion and motivation, a way of life.

Since then my passion for this sport has only grown.

I try to combine training with work, which means that during the week it is somewhat more complicated to do long or high quality workouts, even so I try to train almost daily and I take advantage of the weekend to make longer outings.

It could be said that I consider myself a basic or ultramarathon cyclist. One of my biggest challenges in cycling has been to finish 2 consecutive times the famous «PDF non stop MTB ultramarathon» known by «pedals de foc» an ultra marathon run of approx. 213km and 6200m of vertical drop, ending this second year with a meritorious 25 position in the Master category.

I can say that every fight has its reward and as time passes and you see that all your challenges after so much effort and hard training are fulfilled make this sport even more passionate.

As every year that passes try to go a step further and get new and ambitious goals, facing the coming season I will start competing in XCO CCI «btt catalan international cup» where a great number of professional cyclists attend … I am an ultramarathon cyclist and this type of competition is more explosive … but as I said I like challenges … so wish me luck for the next season and as I always say …

«We do not have the gift, we have to try harder» … So that’s what I try to do always!


Carlos instagram page

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