Jorge Más Salom (1984) Grao de Castellón ( Spain)

Good morning everyone!!!

My name is Jorge, I am 35 years old and I live in the Grao de Castellón.

I consider myself a smiling person, friendly and happy.

Before I played football but I confess that I had always had the «worm» of trying the sport of cycling. I think it was thanks to my father, who has always been a great fan of cycling and since I was a little kid he already taught me to watch the big laps (Giro, Tour y Vuelta). I remember how the great runners made me vibrate like Induráin, Pantani, Contador and now Alejandro Valverde.

It all started 3 years ago when one summer day my friend Saul came to pick me up with his bicycle, and asked me if I wanted to go out with him, then without thinking I took a mountain bike from my father (he was over 20 years old and without suspension any!). That day Saul took me to my first trialera, it was such a rewarding experience that I decided that same day to start going out more continuously. I admit that in the end I was hooked so much that I need to go out and train every day.

Now I am a big fan of MTB, I usually run races in Marathon mode but my big dream, in the long term, is to make a «Cape Epic».

Today I can say that cycling fascinates me, whether on the road or in the mountains. I love this world fellowship (anyone is willing to help you in case of problem), and above all the values that cycling conveys (effort, sacrifice, desire to excel, to be able to disinhibit problems, friendship, have a healthy life , …

With this sport I have returned to enjoy as a child is his childhood.

All this has been possible because of the unconditional support of my parents and the patience of my wife Michelle

Thanks @ ALLBLACK.CC For letting me be part of this great project

Now for new future projects!


Jorge instagram page

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