Nikky Alberts (1986) Dinxperlo (The Netherlands )

Hi everybody!

I’m a girl that listens to the name Nikky and as you can see a cyclist! Born and raised in the Netherlands but taking my bike everywhere I go!

Actually I hated sports during medical school and just because I wanted to loose some weight I started spinning classes. Didn’t cost me long to realize that outside is free and bought my first serious racing bike. That was in 2015! Just got addicted and I grew stronger every day! Wanting to push my limits some more I even started with races last year. It has been quite a journey because professionally I have to be concentrated and up on my feet as a doctor in anesthesiology. But still was able to log 17.500 km last year!

Believe me when I say it got more then an addiction, it is a lifestyle and priority in my life. I’m happy that I’m able to share this with friends and that my family tolerates my need for cycling as well. There are many memories and experiences that I try to capture and share. I’m determined to push my boundaries some more, it won’t get easier I will just get faster! So if you want to follow my journey I am excited to share them with you too!!! And if you have questions, from the basics to starting to race, you’re always welcome to ask!

You can find me on Instagram by clicking the following:


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