Oliver Stitterich (1979)Dresden , Saxony (Germany)

Hello cyclohics!
My name is Oli (short for Oliver) & i was born & grown up in East germany (formally known as German Democratic republic) at the beautiful city of Dresden.
When i was a child, my parents won’t see me cycling, so i bought my first cycle (MTB) by myself in the age of 18 years.
Since then, there is an increasing virus of cycling in my body & mind. Since 2006 my MTB was replaced by my very first road bike.
Because of arterial dysfunction in my left lower leg, many surgical treatments with no success, i lost my left lower leg in July 2017. After 3 months at the hospital & 7 weeks at the rehabilitation, my first priority was: Getting back to my «red lady» road bike within a year.
I got it in 10 months.
Since April 2018 i’m back on my road bike with my prosthetic leg and started back in August of this year already at the first cycle race.

Next year i’m a proud member of the cycling team «Deutsche KinderkrebsStiftung» (insta: @team_DKS) & planning to start in some national hobby-team cycle races.

Come with me, feel invited to follow my instagram

Oliver instagram page

Don’t know what means «stehaufmaennchen»?
because of the many setbacks and the constant getting up again, I thought that the name fits well: «getting up again man»


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