Mallorca 312

I would like to tell you where and when the fever of goals and challenges on the bike really got me going and did not let go. 

It started with mallorca312 167 km 2500 hm in 2017. I was very excited and did not know what to expect. But everything was fine that day. The weather was perfect, the mood great and the legs played with. The fantastic feeling to cross the start and finish line,  closed roads, only bikers all with the same doel …. unbelievably great. The fever catched me. Searching for new goals and challenges I did some small cycling events in 2017.

The cycling year 2018 has started again for me with Mallorca 312 and a very great people. We had a crazy day. My other big goal in 2018 was the letapedutour. A lot of training has paid off. Like a locomotive I cycled through the French Alps. Great organization, awesome weather, beautiful mountains … just enjoy. 

And because it was so nice, I signed up again for letapedutour 2019. Let the training and cycling season begin in 2019.

I am motivated.

By Stephanie

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