Isalita Barros (1977) Minas Gerais (Brasil)

My name is Isalita, one friend at school changed the last letters to call me Isalights, and i like it, because I play with lights on photography.
I always had this passion with cycling, started as a roadie and after strugling with cars, not very educated people at the city and some robbery… I gave up cycling for almost 20 years. 
During that time I completed my degree in biology, hence my passion for nature, and
started some ecology studies at Serra do Cipó. I falled in love with that place and got the beautifull chance to be a birdwatcher guide there, so people from all over the world would come to see the birds with me. Thats how I meet my husband and moved to USA. 
OoOopS…Didnt work out good, I came back to Brazil, start studying architecture got divorced, finally got a job and I could afford spend sometime in Serra do Cipó again, not for working, but to trully enjoy this PARADISE we have in Minas Gerais. 
Didnt took too long to find out that by BIKE I could EXPLORE THE PLACE BETTER. A friend borrowed me a bike and we went for a ride. Very glad my cycling passion came back at the place that I love. So it proves that the more we love, more love we atract and OUR TRUE PASSIONS ALWAYS GETS ITS WAYS TO NEVER LEAVE US !!!No, it wasnt magical wonderfull perfect
beautifull ride. I was ready to give up right there while I was laying on the ground trying to mentally kill every one who supported the STUPID idea to take me to that ENDLESS BIKE RIDE and my love to Serra do Cipó just dissapeared with my cycling passion. I was exausted. But after I calmed down and started to remember the waterfalls the mountains and the real feeling that i was going to those places only with my OWN FORCES I felt like I had superpowers for a while. Of course only someone with SUPERPOWERS could do that kind of thing! So I got myself a bike. And I still fell like being a super hero when Im riding. Even knowing I do not do it professionaly, or don’t participate on competitions or any other atletic events… I feel like a winner everytime I finish a ride. 
This super heroe power and this winner feeling is what I think everyone deserves, so, I trully think EVERYONE DESERVES A BIKE!!!!


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