Juan Ordóñez Pérez (1989) Malaga (Spain)

Hello my name is Juan Ordóñez Pérez, I am 29 years old. I’m from Málaga (Spain) a real one.

Cycling paradise.

I like bikes from very small, I still remember when I was a kid in a small town in Malaga (Mollina) and escape from home with my MTB to go with friends to the next town and make us 10 km that for us was quite a feat. I hooked on this seriously about 7 years ago, I started with an MTB and I loved going out on roads and trails, I participated in the 101 km of the legion of Ronda which for me was a great challenge, but I always wanted to have a road bike or as I used to call it a racing bike when I was a kid and that was the year 2015 just after 101 when I decided to buy my road bike (Daisy) and was to try the road and fall in love, from then until today I do not change the road you are welcome.

Cycling is my biggest hobby (along with photography) in which I try to improve little by little, but above all enjoy the routes, have fun and my escape route from day to day. An honor to belong to this family @allblackcc


Juan’s instagram page



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