Maria . New Hampshire ( USA)

Hi Cycling Friends, my name is Maria . I live in New Hampshire, USA, not far from Boston. I am married to my best friend, we have four children together, and I am in midlife.

I have always loved the outdoors. I mountain biked, and road biked little, as my mine passion was mountain climbing. I had been working on completing the 48 (4000′) official peaks in New Hampshire, to join the  Appalachian Mountain Club’s (AMC)  4000 Footer Club when in 2013 my hiking came to a halt. My daughter had sat down on my left foot, (while it was in an upright position), dislocating the ankle. My doctor recommended the best exercise I could do was to cycle. I road biked around my town, and  I rode in group rides through my local bike shop. The more I rode the more passion I had for cycling.

In the fall of 2014, I became very ill, doctors found a lesion in my spinal cord. I was off my bike for over 6 months. I am thankful to God, that I have recovered, and I am well. I am thankful I was in good physical condition because of cycling. I think that is why I recovered, and continue to stay healthy. Cycling tells my body that I am well, happy, and strong.

I was able to complete my climbing, and am now part of the AMC 4000′ Club, but road cycling is my first passion,  and the second is mountain biking.

Now, I find myself in the Allblack Cycling Club. A club that shares the love of cycling. A community of friends who have been encouraging, helpful with nutrition,  shared my love of Procycling, chatted about anything and everything, given me advise, and clothing ideas, welcomed me if I ever came to visit, made me laugh, made me smile, showed me their country, and culture all  from behind bars. You know who you are. I hope to do the same as well and to also show you New England, one ride at a time. Be safe and happy.


Maria’s instagram page

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