Zoraida González (1989) Barcelona ( Spain)

Hello! My name is Zoraida, I am 29 years old and I live in Barcelona, or what we would call here, I live in the cycling paradise.

I have many passions, but one of the most important and that gives me the most is cycling.

Three years ago I started riding a bike. I started with the mountain bike and at two years old I decided to try the road. I currently share both modalities and both give me a great feeling of freedom, fulfillment, and joy.

I never thought that cycling would give me as many values as it has. Among them are respect, companionship, humility and empathy. It has also allowed me to know my limits, I consider it an extraordinary and enriching virtue since it can be extrapolated to my day to day.

When I ride my bike, mainly on the road, I feel it has been the best choice I could make. That the hours of my day are spent on a bicycle is something that only I and all those who share the same hobby understand.

A while ago I read a phrase, it was from Eddy Merckx and it said: «Pedal a lot or a little, long or short, but pedal.» Well that is my daily goal and which I would like to share with all of you.

Greetings and many fellow pedals!


Zoraida’s instagram page

1 comentario en “@zgonzalb

  1. Libertad en cada pedalada, felicidad en cada golpe de aire….

    Me gusta

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