Fredrik Ystenes (1983) Andebu/Vestfold (Norway)

My name is Fredrik, better known as @dogmaf10rider and i live in Norway

When i was a child, I started with soccer in young age and played until i was 27. In the end of 2011 i was sick and had to take a surgery and get pacemaker. On the hospital they said that i was born with some heart problem, but they had not discovered it before now. I was scared of keeping on with the soccer then, so i quited.

6 years ago i discovered my biggest passion- cycling. Biking has changed my life and i cycle so often i can, and love every ride i can take. Road biking gives me so mutch and i cant understand why i didnt start with it earlier. I just love it❤️

With busy days, a girlfriend who works day and night, two kids on the age of 4 and 2 years old i dont get so mutch time that i want to cycle, but its important to take care of the family first, and then go cycling when you have time for it🚴🏼‍♂️💨

What motivates me in daily training:

Every ride is a new adventure

Explore new roads and places

Get stronger and faster

I love the freedom it gives me

If you ever come and visit Vestfold/Norway, feel free to send me a DM

Take care and safe cycling🚴🏼‍♂️👍🏼


Fredrik’s instagram page

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