Thor, (1983), Karlsruhe (Germany)

I am Thor, cyclist of thunder, coffee and bananas! Keeper of the style and also a racer.

I am from south-west germany, I am 34 years old, have two kids and I am married with my beautiful wife.

How I came into the sport?

It was 2002 when a doctor said that I am not fit enough for an upcoming fitness test which we had to do. At this time I decided to start running. First I did only a few kilometers at low speed, but I found out, that it worked very well for me. After a while I took part at running competitions and in 2004 – 2006 I had serveral podium finishes. It worked very well until i had an injury (shin splints).

I started swimming! It took over a year until I could run again. As a runner who could also swim, I decided to become a triathlete.

I found my real passion! I started at a lot of triathlon events and had also a bit success in it. Probaply my best performance was at an olympic distance triathlon in 2011 where I became 2nd overall out of about 1000 starter. Another major result was my 3rd place in my agegroup at a long distance race in cologne (3,8km swim, 180km bike, 42,2km run).

My last triathlon race was Alpe d’Huez triathlon in 2013. Two weeks later my father died and a lot of things changed. I could not manage all the stuff and decided to stop running and swimming.

From this time I am concentrated in cycling. It was my best disciplin in triathlon, some people say I am talented in it. I am doing time trials and triathlon relays with good results 😉

My major trainingsessions are my commutes to work. I am a daily commuter, the whole year, no matter how the weather is (even on ice with my spike tires).

Velominati, Rule #9

If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period!

See you on insta!


Thor’s instagram page

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