Marianna Hall (1992) Warsaw (Poland)

I have been engaged in sports for a long time. As a child, I started with athletics and  I took part in sprint competitions. For the next 10 years, I did horse riding and then moved on to fitness and long distance runs. Recently, I discovered my biggest passion- cycling. Road biking has taken over my life and it brings me lot of joy and satisfaction, as well as motivation to challenge myself further. It’s an amazing way to forget about my daily routine and relax from my day job- being a clinical dietician.

What motivates me in daily trainings is the pure joy of road cycling. Whether I’m cycling with fast teams, 40km/h on flat rides (e.g. Mazowsze, Poland) or ride steep hills, I am always excited about getting to know new places, new routes and people, who share my passion. Discovering my new abilities and progress motivates me to continue with my training, and I can’t imagine ever leaving it behind.

Being a clinical dietician, I am also focused on nutirition and balanced diet- specifically for cyclists and other athletes.  I am passionate about promoting a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy eating but also a good dose of cycling! I use social media channels, such as Instagram and Strava not only to check my results but also  share and spread my passion.


Marianna’s instagram page

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