Carmelo Trujillo (1971) Madrid ( Spain)

Hi, my name is Carmelo Trujillo and I am from Madrid, I live in the mountain sorrouending sierra of Madrid. I am 46 years old, (yeah, I know, that’s a lot)

Well, I dont really remenber when exactly I began with the bikes thing, I know it happened when I was a kid, and it has been happening since then. I have always been riding bikes, sometimes more often sometimes less often.

I clearly remenber my first bike, it was a gift from my grandmother, it was a BMX bike, a Monty in blue, which was used for me for excursions and practice freestyle with my friends.

I remenber too that when I first started going out with girl, you know the dating thing. I used to pick them up with my beloved bike. And if whe went to have a fun to a Pub or disco I had to hide my bike in the bushes of any park near the place. Its a curious thing my bike never was stolen from me. It was different a time I guess.

My first MTB was given to me by a friend called Jason. It was a blue Spacialized, Hard Rock. It was a full rigid body one and I remenber I bought a front suspension kit for it. Thats when I began to enjoy doing routes with it.

I have to say that I have had a pretty cheerful youth with plenty of alcohol and girls, but one day suddenly I discovered surfing and nothing was the same anymore. My life was focussed in sports.

I used to go to the beach to practice surfing as frecuently as I could, every weekend or freetime with my Volkswagen van, a T3. I used to travel alone with my dogs. My two passions are dogs and bikes.

I alternated surfing with snowboarding for a long time until it was clear to me that since practice makes perfect I needed to live beside the sea in the case of the surfing thing or near the snow regarding the snowboarding thing if I wanted to improve my skills at them. There arent any snow or sea where I lived, so, I decided to take advantage of the fact that practicing biking was cheaper, you even save money using your bike.

Little by little I got hooked to my bike, to the point that I practiced any kind of biking styles downhill, rally, cross country, etc. Even bikejoring, a style that comes from mushing and you use a dog pulling your bike.

I have to admit I am little bit obssesive and due to that I start every day with biking in my mind, all its about biking. First thing coming to my mind when I wake up in the morning it when I gonna go biking later, and last thing when I go to bed at night its the good time I have had riding my bike. You see, nobody cant stand me.

My future plans, dont know, I am living the present and foccussed on it right now, but someday I want to get a Gravel bike, load it, and travel all around the world, worried only by the weather.

By the way, some of my favorites films ever is Back to the future and Ghostbusters….


Carmelo’s instagram page

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  1. Jose Luis Gonzalez 2 julio, 2018 — 1:18 pm

    Dude! This is crazy, loco you and I sound alike. My name is Jose Luis Gonzalez
    Gonzowagen on Instagram. I go by Joseph on Instagram. I’m 53 been racing bikes since 13 y/o . I’m a Cat 2 Mens Elite Master and race for Monster Media in Hunington Beach California. Surf City Baby! I love surfing and Sayulita Mexico is my favorite place to surf. I eat and breath Cycling. Gonna be in Espana in August. Madrid, and Barcelona. Anyhow really dug your blog. Asta pronto Jose Luis Gonzalez.

    Me gusta

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