Ana Fernández ( 1987) Barcelona ( Spain)

My name is Ana, I am 30 years old, and I live in Barcelona’s surroundings.

I am often asked how did I started to ride a bike, or why do I have that weird need of peddling as long as I can…

Truth must be said, some years ago I almost didn’t ride a bike at all, just a few spinning lessons and little more.

I like to play sports and I practise them since some years ago, it’s not a thing that I had started now. I started running, because it was really easy, you just had to tie up your trainers and start running, you didn’t need anything else. I took part in every race I could, and I trained every day . But one day I injured myself, I got a sprain that put me out of running for more than two months, and even when I retook running I still got the pain. And that is how I stared cycling, it was my alternative.

First I got a bike to start trying, and I did so, I simply took it and ride to Andorra, it was my first contact with a mountain pass.

And I obviously fell in love.

I felt really well, free, the foot didn’t bother me…so I finally decided to buy myself a bike, and I got out every weekend I could with it, but I still wanted to give running a chance, so I still tried it too.

But I finally gave up running, and started riding the bike in a more serious way, it was a different kind of suffering.

At first I went twice a week, then three times a week, and now I just take every moment I can to scape and pedalling, I love the sensation of freedom, of being alone just with nature and myself , that it’s just me and my heart. The suffering sensation, your head claiming you to stop, but your legs still want to keep going on…all that feelings together that cry out that you are alive, that it’s what had got me where I am now, four years after I first started. I am hooked to ride a bike.

I long for free days and long holidays, to take my bike and feel alive.

Why do I train? Because I love it, because I want to be better and feel even better on the bike.

Future plans or goals? Everything that gives me joy on the bike. I would be delighted if I can say some years ahead from now that I have climbed with my bike  the most beautiful mountain pass of the world.


Ana’s instagram page

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