Céline (1988) Brittany (France)

I cycle in Brittany (Bretagne), which is a beautiful region of Western France. It’s not the mountains, but the countryside is rolling and you can find some short and steep but challenging climbs. Le Tour de France 2018 will have 4 stages in Brittany, including 2 ascents of the legendary Mur de Bretagne!

Just over a year ago my husband (@cycling.dan) bought me a new Verenti road bike to replace an old Specialized that, in all honesty, was slightly too big and was only being ridden once a month (if that…).

Well, when somebody gives you a gift you feel obliged to use it, so I tried the bike. It was ok, I started by doing 20km every other day (thinking “yeah right, I’ll have enough in a weeks time”), moaned a lot because it was the middle of winter, but @cycling.dan kept saying “winter miles, summer smiles”. And he was right, by the summer I was fit enough to do day-long bike rides and most of all enjoy it (well, I still moan a little bit when I get dropped!)!

Downside of all of it is that I now need to go cycling very regularly not only to stay fit but for my legs that get restless if I don’t… but I love it!! Who knew I’ve been missing cycling all these years!!


Celine’s instagram page

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