Daniel (1985), Bretagne (France)

I actually learnt to ride a bike quite late, but once I found mountain biking I couldn’t get enough of it!

I was always out with friends bombing around Dalby forest and the Yorkshire trails, but when I started working, I had less time, and when I got married, even less time, and then when I became a dad the expensive MTB became an expensive ornament and with many tears it was eventually broken down and sold.

It didn’t take long but I was seriously missing cycling so decided to try out a road bike. With road cycling at least there was no need to take the car and drive out to the trails, I just had to open the front door and off I went.

I seriously got into the whole road thing and after a year or so I wanted to share this with my wife. I bought her an old road bike so we could ride together but somehow it didn’t work out. Between work and looking after a baby I think we did more turbo trainer than actual outdoor rides together.

Fast-forward 5 years, with another baby and a move to France, here I am cycling more than ever and making the most of the quiet Brittany roads, the warmer summer months and, most of all, I can finally ride with my wife @tartemadame!


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