Manon Guerione (1993) Bar le Duc (France)

I am 27 years old and my name is Manon. I live in France. I started cycling some time ago, about 6 months. This sport has always interested me, I watch Le Tour De France and I said to myself «one day, I too will do mountain passes». I saved up to buy myself my first bike.

Since that day, I adore the feeling of sliding down the road even more, of leaving and knowing where I am going, watching the landscape go by, taking the time to look at the landscapes.

and then there is also the spirit of challenge when I go up a hill!

these are feelings of challenge, of self-motivation that I adore the most.

Again thank you to you for this proposal as well as the initiative of this account.

Bringing together people who practice the same sport and sharing our hobby is just, extra!

See you !


Manon Instagram page

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