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For us, a way of disconnecting, find a solution, staying fit and enjoying life is to go cycling. It’s our therapy, it’s the place where we feel good, outside of work stress, the daily chores or long hours of study. To go out riding in good weather, long climbs and downhills, to climb a dream port or feel the wind in your face.

Passion for cycling.

Southhouse Real Estate & Home staging, based in Almuñécar (Spain) offers holiday rental and sales of high quality homes in the heart of the tropical coast, where you can enjoy a fantastic temperature all year round, warm winters and mild summers, regulated by the Mediterranean Sea that bathes its coasts.

The high quality and variety of products of the area, from freshly obtained delicacies from the sea to the delicacies of tropical gardens. Natural areas near the town center, with a sea view (south) and views of the Alpujarras of Sierra Nevada to the north.

In addition to all the services offered by Southhouse, the passion for cycling is above everything, places and ports to discover, you will not find a flat meter in this place, there will be routes that will make you get the best out of you, like to climb the port of «La Cabra,» too enjoy a flat ride by the sea towards the beach of Velilla . Enjoy the spectacular views (and ramps) along the cliffs of Cerro Gordo towards Nerja, rejoice in the climb to «Los Guajares» to get mesmerized in its spectacular waterfall, get lost by the roads among trees of the climb to Jete or feel the fresh wind of the Sierra Nevada by the path of the «Secanillo».

Almuñecar and its area is more than a coast side place for vacation, it is a cycling paradise, hundreds of kilometers to travel without repeating any port, a thousand accesses to make your heart skip a beat within seconds and you can taste all those kilometers with the best time and the best recovery.

Southhouse will give you the opportunity to have a dream home in a fantastic area of the city, the comfort that you do not need to bring your bike because you can rent one for your holidays, will offer you routes to perform, tracks in .gpx that you can load on your cycle computer and follow some truly incredible outings. In addition to the routes, the Southhouse team will be at your disposal to recommend you and make your stay easier and more enjoyable.

Are you thinking of a cycling holiday?Now you have the opportunity to make them come true with Southhouse BikeLife.

By @cyclinginparadise

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