Hanoy Gallardo Chaple (1983) Cienfiegos (Cuba)

I come from the beautiful Caribbean island, Cuba. In Cuban schools from the age of 5 the physical education subject is applied, so from a very young age everyone likes it or does not play sports, and since we do not have technology, instead of being behind the computer playing we are playing all day outside and doing sports. I ventured into the artistic world but at the same time practiced some fighting sports, highlighting Judo and taekwondo. A bike was the dream of my life, but it was impossible to realize this dream in Cuba, since being a communist regime corruption is enormous, and you can only indulge in certain tastes if you are the son of a magnate. At age 30 I had the opportunity to legally emigrate to Moscow and later crossing the borders to Europe. And after some years without looking for her I found this beautiful woman who is my wife. She gave me her MTB and that was the first bike of my life. Then with the fruit of my work I was able to buy my own road bike, I cannot explain how great my happiness was. And so without any experience I just got on it, I tried to memorize a route already planned previously and I did it, too KM for the first time but still with pain in my muscles and frozen from the cold I felt the luckiest man in the world. And so until one day I found this beautiful community of allblackcc and solitudeseekerscc cyclists that besides my family you also make me fill that little bit that I lack of my beloved land.–


Hanoy instagram page

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