Ilaria Ianni (1986) L’Aquila (Italia)

Hello everyone, I’m Ilaria, I’m 34 and I was born and raised in Abruzzo in L’Aquila! For work I traveled around Italy up to Bolzano, in South Tyrol, in the Dolomites. My heart, however, has always continued to beat for my mountains, so from August I decided to go home with my dream of promoting slow and itinerant tourism on two wheels, through my streets!

I discovered the bike in 2010, shortly after the 2009 earthquake and the bike changed my life, not only because it helped to improve my psychophysical well-being, but it allowed me to know myself!

I discovered myself on a bike, like a trip to a place you know but have never really crossed.

Riding my bikes, I observed everything in a different way, I learned to see not only with my eyes, but with all my senses, precisely because I entered into connection with the world, with nature and with myself!

I confirmed the more experiential and less competitive aspect of cycling, after having concluded two editions of the Oetztaler in 2014 and 2015, one of the most authentic adventures of my life, which accentuated my vocation and taught that everything is possible, but just want it!! Then, riding my bike, I reached the highest carriage passes in the world during the Himalayan Highest mtb race, an experience with myself that I will never forget!

The privilege of being with yourself is not the only gift you can give yourself when you decide to jump on a bike, but also the opportunity to share your experience with other passionate cyclists like you! In recent years I have met many people, each with its history and its why and also through their experiences and their history I have enriched myself.

We share our experience and we will become more and more!


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