Ana Cecilia Takemoto (1980) Gifu prefecture (Japan)

Hi everyone! I’m Ana and currently living in Japan for the last 15 years. I was born and raised in Peru but always with my Japanese roots very present at all times.
I’ve been always a very active person, as a matter of fact, I was an athlete from an early age engaging in track and field competitions. However, due to a tight schedule between work and studying, I had to leave it for several years.
Once I decided to establish myself in Japan, I felt there was something missing… so the first thing that came to my mind was running and then as days went by I started to try different types of workouts at home. I must say that it improved a lot my moods but the real change began when I went plant based and when I got my Specialized Ruby bike as a present in the most unlikely and fun way.

Since that day on, every time someone asks me what freedom is, I just picture myself riding my bike. I don’t think there’s any other sport that brings you so much fun, joy, adventure and connection to nature other than cycling. It’s a lifestyle that has only pros in long term.
Just give it a try! I’m sure cycling will take you to the most unexpected and fun places. You’ll meet wonderful people in those adventures and the most important thing, you’ll be more connected to yourself and start seeing life through different lenses.


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