Cecilia Gisela (1979) Mayagüez ( Puerto Rico)

My name is Cecilia Gisela. I am currently in Colombia. My parents are from Venezuela, so that gave me a chance to live there for some special years close to my big family. I was raised in Venezuela and the US!
I can remember my first experience with a bike since little around 8, riding bike with my family. My dad inspired me to always enjoy it. I got back into it when my first son was a 1 year old and wanted to take him for rides! During that period my father really got into mountain biking!

It wasn’t until my two sons got into biking with balance bikes that I woke up one morning to find out my father had taken them with him for a nice ride! Then they really wanted to ride every day. Then it was time for a mountain bike for myself!
Interesting enough, I had to help them through the trails at first but then they became pros, their balance, coordination & reflexes where so on time! We would go on bike rides almost every single weekend. I remember my first fall, being in the middle of a trail and scared. My older son back then being 9, rescued me and got us out fast!

Then came Colombia, a different experience with biking. Got to experience a new level of challenge with all the mountains and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. I got to ride a route bike as well, still have to get used of the brake system. I prefer a mountain bike but on road!
It’s been a cycling journey for my family, I must say. I am happy to know we all enjoy biking. It’s a great exercise! I love when we all have a chance to ride together. It’s a challenge with all our different levels, but we make it happen sometimes. Others times I enjoy just me on my bike. The early morning birds chirping, the fresh air… just being present with myself, my breathing and appreciating all the beautiful places I can encounter on my way!


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  1. Thank you! ☺️ Happy to be part of this inspiring group.

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