Piotr Klimek (1969) Częstochowa ( Poland)

My name is Piotr Klimek I live in Poland in the city of Częstochowa. I have been passionate about bicycle for many years. Cycling has always been present in my life. I trained martial arts for many years, specifically Taekwondo. Unfortunately, the disease I caught prevented me from further training. And then I decided to do something that would give me joy and the opportunity to train. Of course, the bike seemed to be the most suitable option for me. My adventure with cycling started seriously with a trekking bike. Then there were more road bikes. And it is a road bike that is my greatest love. I ride amateur and spend most of my free time cycling. As you know I have an Instagram account and I share my beloved passion which is road cycling. I would love to join your community. I agree to the processing of my photos. If there is a need, I will gladly answer all your questions.



Piotr instagram page

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