Roberto Stanganello (1985) Vigevano (Italy)

Biography: Hi, My name is Roberto Stanganello, For 35 years I have been living in the welcoming Vigevano, a well-known town in the province of Pavia, Italy. I work in the office and since 2007 I am passionate and practical cycling at an amateur level, including during the year also international races, not so much to achieve results but to confront myself and especially to visit new places. I prefer mountain biking but a few months ago I added to my bike garage a racing bike with which I start to have fun. My days are almost completely spent at work, fortunately leaving me free time to dedicate myself to training and other passions.

I define myself without hesitation a happy person but I say it with tight teeth, with the great awareness that happiness is not a rush to achieve goals such as money, fame and success, but it is a choice of life, a daily search for emotions. One of the mainstays of my happiness is my hobby, cycling. Without the bicycle I assure you that I would not be so serene… In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease that has been present since I was born and for this reason serenity must be experienced every day at full capacity, as if we were with our hearts going uphill, at maximum frequency. In April 2019 I started riding my bike, with a friend, to cover 1000 km from Vigevano to Rome, with the aim of raising funds for the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence for research on rare diseases. «Doing good with our passions enriches the heart».
Always Standing.


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