Alberto Sticco (1987) Monza (Italy)

Ciao! I’m Alberto, I live in Brianza (Italy) and I’m enthusiast road cyclist.When I was young I fell in love with cycling thanks to my grandfather who usually talked to me about Coppi-Bartali or Merckx-Gimondi; he also took me with him during the «queen stages» of the Giro d’Italia on the Alps.

Despite this, I’ve started cycling only 6 years ago riding an old bike from the 70’s: after few months my vintage bike wasn’t enough and I decided to buy a new bike to reach new places and goals…and now I’m a cyclist «addicted».

Cycling is passion, freedom, escape but also a continuous challenge with myself and with my loved mountains. 

I like riding alone, enjoying the silence of the nature but also with my best friends. 

I like riding across Bergamo, Lecco and Como’s valleys but I love discovering and riding new climbs in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France too. 

I like riding under the hot sun of summer when you feel your skin burning but I’m not afraid of the freezing north Italian winter. 

I like riding hard and fast but sometimes it’s also fun to ride slow, take a look around to the beauty of nature and have a break for a good pic to post on my Instagram’s page…

My friends call me «the fashion-hipster cyclist» because I’ve a long beard and I always wear elegant and refined jerseys and bibs.

Eventually I’m an architect, I like drawing and making photos and I love travels (also without a bike…).

I hope you’ll follow and enjoy my profiles…ciao!


Alberto instagram page

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