Blocked! Why?

Seeing what happened with the mix of our name as something unpleasant for Instagram.

The first thing I want is to apologize to all our members who put our name and link in your biography for all the damage caused (without our fault) and the blocking your account and not being able to access basic Instagram functions.

We really feel bad about it, our name, which has been a lot of work for you to know, is mixed in the algorithm that Instagram has used to block accounts that they believe are not responsible and good for the use of the community. We will be waiting for some type of solution regarding this, they should give us some answer since they stain our name on the basis of blocked users without warning and without mediating anything else. Some members have changed the name, have used some emoji and in this way save this problem, feel free to do it, put, use emojis or completely remove ourselves from your biography, we understand that this situation is not good for anyone. I wait for answers and we will give the pertinent explanations to everyone who requests it, without knowing, sincerely, very well what has happened.

We will continue working, trying to do the best job possible, regardless of politicians, here we are people, friends , all united, from any place, race or religion … here everything will continue pedaling under the same sky … and nobody will be able to stop us!

1 comentario en “Blocked! Why?

  1. Sebastiaan Leurs 27 junio, 2020 — 7:45 am

    Nice and powerful statement bro! Keep it up!

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Sebastiaan Leurs.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Me gusta

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