Małgorzata Wojnowska (1984) , Ostróda, Poland.

My name is Małgorzata, for friends simply Gosia. Since 2004 I live in a beautiful part of Poland called Masuria, known as the land of a thousand lakes.

I have never been a sport type girl. I still don’t call myself a cyclist, just a girl who likes riding her bikes 😅

So how this all has started?
Thanks to my friend, I need to admit. One day he said to me : «find something that makes you happy and start doing this, don’t look for excuses. If you like riding a bike, take your bike and go for a ride! »
And so I did. I took my old bike and on 06.10.2018 I rode my first 20 km 😆 And next day another 20 km… And so on. In that October I cycled 314 km what was incredible for me at that time! That was it. I soaked in!!! 😊

My first crisis came in July 2019 after my friend’s suicide. I almost stopped riding. But then turned out I can also count on some Instagram friendships. I regained my motivation. And it was even bigger 🙂

The second important step in my cycling life was a decision to buy a gravel bike in March 2020. I can ride faster and I can ride further now and I can challenge myself. My last personal record is a distance of 216 km and it’s not my last word 😂

Being a part of cycling family is a great feeling. It gives me strength and more power. That’s why I was truly pleased when Pako invited me to be a part of AllblackCC 😊
I always loved the motto «we ride under the same sky», the same as I love everything that is black 😅

I hope it will be the beginning of the new exciting adventure. 

Thank you! 


Malgorzata Instagram page

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