Shelly Mahon (1971) Boulder ,Colorado (USA)

Hi, my name is Shelly Mahon. I’m from Boulder Colorado and have lived in different parts of the state my whole life, minus a small time in Wisconsin to get my PhD. I was not much of an athlete growing up, putting my time and energy into music.During college I discovered climbing, running and eventuallybiking.

My love of bikes started in 1999 when I entered the Mount Taylor Quadrathalon in Grants New Mexico – a race that involved biking, running, skiing and snowshoeing. Being more of a runner and a broke graduate student, I borrowed a mountain bike for that race. A road bike would have been much easier!  Shortly after, a friend invited me to participate in an adventure race in Arizona. This involved kayaking, climbing, running, and 50 miles mountain biking. I decided I better start training and actually learn how to ride.  That is when my true love began. 

I fell in love with the smell of dirt, techy terrain, and fun, fast, flowy single-track trials. It provided an outlet to push myself, spend time with great people, celebrate the outdoors, stay fit and get my energy out. I met road cycling in 2014 and enjoyed the meditative effect of just putting my head down and going. I found myself getting lost in my thoughts and ironing out life’s wrinkles. It provided more time to talk to others and was challenging in a different way then mountain biking.  I immediately signed up for tours and a trip to Bormio Italy to ride passes like Stelvio, Gavia, and Mortirolo. After 8 days of cycling, I knew this was my new love and we would be together for a really long time.

To me cycling is a way of life. I ride almost every day and I love the community of people I have met along the way. I am very honored to be part of Allblack Cycling Club and I look forward to seeing you all on Instagram!


Shelly instagram page

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