Bas Boone (1987) The Netherlands

Hello everybody, my name is Bas Boone, born in 1987. Have a wife and two kids, girls witch are the most important thing in life to me.

Why I was drawn to cycling I don’t know, nobody I knew cycled sportively. So I started out with nobody to ride and no knowledge of cycling sportively. Just go out and ride. And still to this day I’d like to go out on my own and just ride, just me, my bike and nature.

Cycling has been a part of my life for a while now. But after a period of cycling less I found my passion for cycling back. Thanks to my camera and photography I can combine sport with my creative side and this to me is a perfect combination.

I live in the Netherlands, in Zeeland, witch means it is flataround here. No hills or mountains where I live. A lot of wind though. Cycling trough the open fields, along the coast and trough forests are my favourite places to ride here.

Cycling to me means freedom, going where I want to go and discovering new roads. I get the chance to explore new places, meeting new people. But also giving me a chance to over think things and taking the time to get my thoughts strait. Cycling for me isn’t about how far and how fast I should go, but rather the adventure and the experience. Just go out and ride.


Bas instagram page

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