Oscar Rodriguez (1973) Riverside, Ca (USA)

Cycling world, my name is Oscar. A devoted husband to a beautiful woman who I have two wonderful children with. I am from Los Angeles Ca originally but now live in Riverside, Ca which is about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. My early memories of cycling are when I was a kid and my parents bought me a BMX bike. I can still vividly remember taking that bike apart just to put it back together. The good old days!

Grew up quickly then joined the U.S Military. I was able to take advantage of everything the military offered. I’ve been around the world (2 times) and learned/experienced many things. Being away from home was the toughest as my wife and I were recently married. Proudly served for four years but like all good things, they must come to an end.

Once out of the military, I needed to find a way to continue with my exercise regiment and cycling was a perfect solution. Still military minded, I wanted to pay homage to the ship that I proudly served on as well as the military shipmates so I chose to use warchiefcycling as my IG username. War Chief was the call sign of U.S.S. CONSTELLATION (CV-64) aircraft carrier which is not decommissioned.

I now use social media as a platform to hopefully inspire people to want to ride! Whether it’s Road or MTB, just RIDE! RIDE to INSPIRE…

Happy to be part of allblack.cc!


Óscar instagram page

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