Alla Broslav (1991) Milan ( Italy)

Hi everyone, my name is Alla Broslav, for friends «Allochka». I was born in Ukraine (8 July 1991), but from 2013 I live in Milan, Italy. I was a little girl who was born with a patent oval foram and was operated on at the age of 4 In the country, after such interventions it is forbidden to make any kind of effort. I grow very weak with other problems, spending a lot of time in the hospital.

When I become an adult, I decide to change my life and I find it fit to leave the prescribed limit of doctors.
    I start going to the gym and training intensively. Meanwhile I start running (running). After a long time the results are visible, but I find I have knee problems. But this doesn’t stop me. I participate in many races for charity.
    In May 2016, I buy my first MTB bike, thinking about using it to go to work during the summer. After a while I start doing short strolls even in my spare time, each time increasing the distance. Usually from October until March the bike is in the cellar …

In June 2018 I buy the first racing bike, obviously used.
In November I take a new mountain bike, a more beautiful one and I decide to ride a bike to work in any weather condition ….
After a short time I became a very cyclodependent 🙂 In a year I met many people who go by bike and who have become my best friends. Year 2019 I tried the competitive races, but the thing I like best and do long laps, from here the biggest recovery of this year was the stage at 325km. I’m glad I chose cycling, and I’m full of ideas that I want to realize as soon as possible.


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