Nina Wolfensberger (1974) Liebistorf (Switzerland)

I was asked to write down a few words about myself and my passion for cycling…

…uff not sooo easy! it’s definitely easier for me to sit in the saddle for hours and climb up mountains than to write something about myself – but of course I give it a try 😉

About 7 years ago I did my first ride on a brand-new road bike. I met my daughter Emma, she was 6 years old at the time. You can guess what happened next- I fell in slow motion in front of the whole school class because I forgot to clip out!! My little Emma came to me and said: «That can happen mum, next time you will do better! And she was right!!! Nowadays I only fall when I ride too fast around a curve because I want to keep up with the guys!! There’s still room for improvement in those tight curves! 😉

I can’t imagine a life without my beloved 2 wheels! Whether alone, with my «better half» Andi or with the guys on a lunch ride, I simply love the satisfying feeling I experience after every ride!!

And with my new passion of roasting coffee (#rouleurcafe), I can now enjoy two of the most beautiful and delicious things in the world every day – lucky me!! 😉

Oh, by the way; my name is Nina Wolfensberger, I am 45 years old, proud mum of Max and Emma and I live in a 600 «soul-village» somewhere in Switzerland!
See ya…


Nina instagram page

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