Daniel (1984) Wales

Cycling to me is the ultimate act of escapism. That feeling of being out in the elements, exposed, the wind against my face and the sun on my skin. Nothing else exists when I’m out on the road. The worries of work and everyday stresses vanish, and my mind becomes clear. 

It is a ritualistic process, the preparation before a ride. It can almost become a superstition. Making sure the bike is clean, the chain oiled, tyres are at the optimal pressure and the correct kit selection (matching of course). The sound when Iclip in for the first time and the hum of the rubber against the tarmac as I begin my journey.

That journey belongs to me. It doesn’t matter if I am riding on my own (which is what I normally do) or with a group, that ride is mine. It is a selfish activity; I ride for me and no one else. I ride to push myself, to beat the numbers from the last ride. I ride to be free.


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