James Meloche ( ) Toronto ( Canada)

Greetings from the road!  My name is James and live near Toronto, Canada.

 Cycling has always been my passion.  My earliest memories were breaking teeth and bones riding up and down my street as 6 to 8 year old.  Knowing how much I loved being on my bike, my mom bought me a used black and white Falcon 8 spd racing bike, and then entered me in a charity bike event.  I was 10, and I can still recall that day as the one I became a “cyclist.”

For me, cycling is the embodiment of our human spirit and freedom.  Facing nature’s elements while on the road we learn what we are made of, what is the best of ourselves, and what we are possible of achieving.   I always wanted to see world from the seat of a bike, to see new things it would allow me to see, and to met new people and hear their stories.  I’m now 49 years old, and that feeling of adventure, learning, wonder and accomplishment are as strong with me today as they were the day I received my that Falcon.

Over the years I have raced, cyclo-toured, and travelled to many places.  Recently, I have started cycling in all the seasons, including our Canadian winter.  For me, accepting the challenges of the road and nature is the essence of cycling.  The greater the challenge, the more beautiful is the experience.

In the last two years I have started using photography to explore and share my love of being on the bike. I have always been a philosopher at heart, so now words and images combine to describe those moments of beauty, freedom and human spirit that cycling offers to everyone.   Today I see cycling as more than a passion, but my craft – a skill that I wish to understand and experience in all its dimensions as deeply as any artist or artisan does with their craft.

Thanks for including me in your community, and if you should ever find yourself in Canada, I would pleased to share with you our cycling experience!


James instagram page

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